My Ministry

I'm Tabitha but first and foremost I am a daughter of the King :) Married 14 years to my best friend, we have been blessed with three amazing, energetic boys and are now expanding our family through international adoption. This past summer we hosted two girls ages 9 and 10 from Eastern Europe as part of an orphan hosting program called New Horizons for Children. Those girls forever changed our hearts and now we are working hard to bring them back to us forever. We first considered adoption about three years ago after my husband started doing some mission work in Nicaragua. We originally thought that was where we would adopt from but God had different plans for us. Our children weren't even on the same continent!

Our adoption journey has been a HUGE blessing to us in so many ways. It has truly taught us how to give things over to God and let him move the mountains. We've found new friendships along the way and an amazing community of adoption supporters. We've also seen the financial struggles that come with affording adoption and my thoughts keep going to what a difference we could all make for so many orphans if we'd just be willing to sacrifice just a little of what we have. After all, God gives to us abundantly so that we will share abundantly, not keep it for a rainy day.

So after some thought on what I could do, I decided to get serious about my blog designing in order to help with our adoption expenses as well as give financially to other adoptive families that are trying to bring their kids home. This is my ministry and my way of giving back because we could not have done it without some help along or way.

Meet my family. This photo was taken this summer while the girls were here on the hosting program. Aren't they beautiful? We cannot wait until the day our daughters are back home forever :)

Make sure to read the blog as I will feature a new family each month that is in the adoption process and 30% of the proceeds that month will be donated to help with their adoption expenses! When you let me design your blog you are not only getting a new look but you are helping bring orphans together with families! Bless and be blessed!